Looking out upon the vast pacific, this room shares the same exotic beauty as the others. Designed by both David Levy and Carl Yanchar, this room features variable acoustical paneling made from Hawaiian Koa wood, high ceilings and an expansive shape allowing for its big and warm acoustical tones.

The Room was designed to do especially well in the Bass frequencies allowing for the ideal tracking of Drums & Bass. This room is destined to achieve an amazing reputation.

Aside from its impressive acoustics, the room truly creates a stunning vibe & mood. The talent can see over Malibu’s coastline through a large panoramic window, yet can also see into the control room through another window. It has the tendency to put one into a creative and relaxed mindset, instantaneously.

The room’s design has achieved an STC soundproofing rating in the mid 70s. The rating could not be achieved without Featuring doors which weigh more than 550 lbs, quadruple pane glass windows, and multiple layers of dense material in the walls surrounding the room. The design allows one to continue a recording no matter what may be happening outside.

Entirely interconnected into the other studios, the microphone wall panels house numerous connections including XLR, TRS, Midi, USB, Ethernet, HDMI and BNC, allowing for more flexibility than most studios while simultaneously offering a simple design that is easy to use.

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Studio Malibu Studio B Recording Studio in Malibu
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Studio B, designed entirely by David Levy, presents itself with a laid back, lounge-like vibe. This studio can double as an additional studio for use with the main Control Room or it can stand alone as a production/overdubbing/editing suite. Featuring panoramic 360 degree views, from the Santa Monica Pier to the Malibu Pier, and from Catalina Island to Point Dume, one can truly appreciate the natural beauty of Malibu, California.

The Room features very lively acoustics, making a great room for guitars, strings, vocals or anything else that may need a warm room tone to color the sound. This room also features adjustable acoustical paneling that can be implemented as one desires.

Like all rooms at Studio Malibu, Studio B creates an immediate ambiance, setting the tone for creativity and inspiration. There is no doubt, working from such a location will surely inspire amazing work.THEATER.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
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